TerrapackTM Smart GIS Platform

Born in the ’80s for the study of the position of TV repeaters in Italy, TERRAPACK™ immediately envisaged the integration of the GIS standard functions with decision support logic, operational processes and simulations. In the last 30 years TERRAPACK™ has evolved constantly to meet the operational requirements typical of tactical applications, becoming the Italian WebGIS reference platform for defense, surveillance, land control and intelligence applications.

The adoption of the SMART approach allowed the Tactical Platform to be upgraded, evolving it towards a SMART GIS PLATFORM that can be integrated into IoT platforms and accessible from any mobile device.

Integration of Operative Processes, Augmented Reality, Standard webGIS mapping

Integration of logic for the coordination and management of business processes that can be enriched with geographical information, multimedia content (video, photos, audio) collected on the territory.

The management and data exchange between the actors involved in the process is completely automated through an advanced Notification Center

Mission Planning

Creation of thematic maps that integrate data from Drones, Mobile, sensors, video surveillance systems, security systems, GPS data collected in real time

Data Integration in IoT Environment

Command and Control Drone: Management of navigation, acquisition and visualization of images with georeespaced projection on 2D and 3D maps.


  • Planning of inspections geo referenced and assignment of the same to field operators with mobile application. The operator can insert a placeholder on a map referring to the area to be monitored (eg building, building, ground, street, streetlight, street sign, sign).
  • Real-time data collection in the field by mobile application. The operator can add multimedia data acquired directly in the field to the message. An operator can select a geo placeholder referenced on the map and collect vocal notes and photos on the field. The data collected by the various devices are sent (automatically or not according to the availability of the network) to the central platform and usable by any user of the web-GIS platform.
  • Creating and editing documents directly on the mobile device. An operator can select a geo placeholder referenced on the map and fill in one or more documents starting from templates set by the user.
  • Report categorization. The operator is able to associate an alert to one or more interest categories (eg building, building, streetlight).
  • Notification Service. The platform is able to notify in real time the activities carried out in the field by operators with mobile devices. Priority rules can be specified based on the category of the message.


Support for scenario creation: modeling, editing of operational scenarios by characterizing the individual elements (buildings, weather).

Simulation of operational scenarios: Integration of sophisticated algorithms for simulation


  • Digitization of networks: all network data and sensors installed in the network are geo-localized.
  • Network monitoring: the operator can explore the network, the sensors and visualize the physical parameters of the network and geolocalized nodes.
  • The user interacts with an element of the network displaying information of interest and, where available, graphs showing the values ??of the monitored parameter.
  • Furthermore, the User can integrate DSS modules based on simulations and models of network operation directly in the GIS environment

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