Terrapack™ Smart Water Networks is a decision support system for quantitative and qualitative water monitoring and detection of contaminants and losses in real time, transforming the functioning of the aqueduct system into an interconnected digital system able to integrate data, people and operational processes to optimize infrastructure management and improve the integrated water service.

  • based on the Terrapack ™ proprietary environment, a leader in the field of Smart GIS tactical applications
  • open and customizable, accessible from any mobile device
  • integrable with the most widespread water SITs
  • integrable with Asset Management and ERP software
  • provides the manager with advanced Early Warning capabilities and prediction of network behavior


The platform notifies the operator and in real time the anomalies found. Machine learning algorithms analyze the historical trend of sensor data and identify an alarm event distinguishing it from an outlier or a maintenance intervention.


Matching algorithms identify the potential threat (i.e., chemical, radiological, bacteriological) that generated an alarm. In addition, a predictive mode calculates the remaining time before the contaminant reaches the nodes.


The operator can analyze, through hydraulic simulation, the impact of contaminants on the network in the next 24 hours.


Evolutionary algorithms for the calculation of countermeasures in terms of conducted shutdown and opening of hydrants to minimize the impacts in the network expected in the next 24 hours.