Digital Transformation

The concept of Smart City and Smart Infrastructure is becoming increasingly important as different companies in terms of development lines on their infrastructures to increase their sustainability, improve their efficiency and at the same time offer innovative services to citizens.


The SMART approach introduces an incremental upgrade of the technological systems that govern the operation of infrastructures, the management of cities and the environment, transforming them into an interconnected digital system able to integrate data, people and operational processes in order to optimize the management of infrastructure and improve services to citizens and communities.

Mapping, monitoring and protection of infrastructures and urban areas

Intelligent measurement of consumption and waste

Monitoring of resource quality and detection of environmental and security risks

Intelligent real-time control of networks and services

Presentation, optimization and forecasting of network and infrastructure conditions


Thanks to the skills and experience gained in the design of complex systems for high-tech sectors, ASTER is able to support infrastructure managers throughout the smart specialization process by adopting a certified Systems Engineering approach.

  • Audit of existing ICT infrastructure
  • Upgrade of security and monitoring services
  • Upgrade of communication network
  • IoT architecture design
  • Upgrade of Operations centers
  • Application of Decision Support Systems
  • Integration to Asset Management Systems

The goal is to define and implement the best possible architecture in relation to the operational requirements of each individual operator, optimizing investment costs and minimizing operating and maintenance costs.