ASTER is able to support the actors of the port community along the whole process of merchandise management, both in Import and in Export, and at the passage of the same through the different logistic nodes, providing solutions aimed at reducing the time of execution of logistics operations , with a safe management of access to the gates.

Services related to export flows

Business information on the entire export cycle, from booking management to the arrival of goods in customs spaces.

  • Research Lines and Routes
  • Booking Management
  • Transporters and Reception Connection Departure
  • Empty Terminal Connection for delivery
  • Customer connection for loading and customs data (packages and weights)
  • Full Terminal Connection with full boarding messaging
  • Booking tracking
  • Export Office
  • Goods data summaries
  • Statistics (according to ISTAT model)

Services relating to flows in import

Streamlining of the procedures governing the import cycle, linked to customs clearance at sea, and optimizing available resources.

  • Notice of Goods
  • Poster Summary
  • A3 Match Schedules
  • Goods Data Incongruities
  • Customs results
  • Load Composition
  • Mooring notice
  • Transportation provisions
  • Positioning by the customer
  • Return to the Empty Terminal
  • Goods data summaries
  • Statistics (ISTAT model)

LIMS™ - Gate Management

LIMS – Gate Management is a Web platform that implements the logistic processes of a commercial nature connected to the different phases of goods transport, through a telematic management of the information that is consolidated when passing through the different nodes, both in Import and in Export.

LIMS – Gate Management integrates data and operational processes for a harmonized and simplified management of transactions between users of the integrated port logistics and interport logistics chain, supporting them in the planning of operations.

  • Simplification of operations for stakeholders, the complexity of the processes is transferred to the machine level;
  • Greater controllability of information, shared only when «publishable» from standard workflows;
  • Compatibility with standards and data models foreseen with a view to Single Window (WCO Data Model, EDIFACT);
  • Security infrastructure based on the definition of roles and rights of users and / or processes

Implemented B2B Processes

  • Placement orders: information exchanges between the Importer (Exporter), the Forwarder and the Transporter to automate the delivery (pick-up) of the goods, the transport provisions, and the notifications confirming the taking charge of the transport.
  • Booking Management: interactions between Exporter (or Forwarder) and Maritime Agency for ship reservation requests, with search for routes and Shipowners, and automatic receipt of the relative Booking No.
  • Visualization of A3 game cards and customs outcomes: sending of A3 consignment cards, when declarable, to Forwarders / Importers, composition of the unloading load, automatic detection of inconsistencies on parcels and weights, sharing of goods customs status.
  • Connection with Magazzini and Terminal (Vuoti e Pieni): connection with the terminals with complete boarding messaging, notification of pre-arrival of vehicles, display of weighing data (VGM) and association of vehicles with container numbers.