• Client: Algerian Ministry of Transport
  • Country: Algeria
  • Duration: 2013-2019
  • Value: 4,5 M€

The Algerian Ministry of Transport has assigned to a joint venture headed by ASTER SpA (formerly Assystem Italia) the contract to supervise the work of the National Maritime Traffic Control System.

The system will cover approximately 1800 km of coastline and 11 main ports with radar, AIS, radio and optical sensors, connected through a broadband telecommunications network to 11 port control centers, 3 regional control centers and 1 national control center. Algiers, worth around 150 million euros.

ASTER is in charge of supporting the Customer during the entire project life cycle (3 years for the construction and 2 years for the initial operations and the warranty period) with Systems Engineering services, technical assistance and supervision of the work, including:

  • Design Review, analysis and evaluation of engineering changes
  • Assessment and approval of technological solutions
  • Supervision of the FAT and SAT phases
  • Site Engineering
  • Training

Systems Engineering and Development Architecture Repository Services

  • Client: European Defense Agency (EDA)
  • Country: Belgium
  • Duration: 2012 -2021
  • Value: >300K€

Framework contract for the support of the definition of Enterprise Architecture for Defense Systems and Quality Assessment of System Architectures developed by the individual EDA Project Teams with respect to the EDA Guidelines for the Development of Architectures also developed by ASTER.

Development, maintenance and upgrading of the ArchRep Architecture Repository tool, and training in the Systems Engineering domain.

Supplying Sw Modules for control and Control Systems Surveillance Van Kuwait SVK

  • Client: Elettronica GmbH
  • Country: Germany
  • Duration: 2015-2018
  • Value: >160K€

Development of custom SW modules for the integration of the Terrapack™ Platform and for the implementation of DSS logics within the Van Kuwait Surveillance Command and Control System, the mobile territory surveillance system provided to Kuwait.