• Client: DORSCH Holding GmbH
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Duration: 2014-2019
  • Value: 6 M€

The scope of the ITS project will be the provision of a unified solution for intelligent transport systems through the creation of a centralized CCC transport control center, an automatic monitoring system for AVM vehicles, an AFC ticketing system, an information system real-time RTPI passengers and a JP travel planning system.


The different modes of public transport will not be installed as individual stand-alone projects but will be closely coordinated and integrated with each other to provide a unified, integrated and avant-garde public transport network.

ASTER, as the main technological partner of Dorsch, is responsible for providing the following services:

  • Technical supervision of the activities of ITS Contractors involved in the implementation of AVM / RTPI and AFC systems,
  • Technical Advisor for the implementation of TCC systems and CCTV, and the JP system, for the design, specification and coordination of the ITS communication network ensuring data and communications between the onboard components and the transport control center,
  • Support for staff training and transfer services of technological know-how.


  • Client: Indian Ministry of Transport
  • Country: India
  • Duration: 2017-2019

The Indian Government decided to upgrade and expand the existing VTS network and related infrastructure in order to implement a national coastal management solution to effectively increase VTS and maritime control over its territorial waters. The Indian Ministry of Shipping has awarded a contract for the realization of the Project Development Consultant (PDC) for the development of the DPR (Detailed Project Report) for the establishment of the national coastal VTS.

The system will cover approximately 7500 km of coasts and main and non-main ports with Radar, AIS, Radio, RDF and optical sensors, transmitted through a VSAT communication network and dedicated lines to 8 data acquisition centers, 2 coastal control centers and 1 National control center in Mumbai.

ASTER has the task of supporting the Customer during Phase 1 of the project, by performing:

  • Maritime Risk Management
  • Definition of the Business Model
  • Design, Design Review
  • Technical Specification inserted as technical attachment to the Tender for phase 2 of the project


  • Client: Ministry of the Interior – Directorate General of the Coast Guard of Kuwait
  • Country: Kuwait
  • Duration: 2015-2020
  • Value: 4,2 M€

The Ministry of the Interior of Kuwait awarded Aster SpA a contract for the revision and upgrading of the Kuwait Coastal Surveillance System (CSS), a complex system managed by the Kuwait Coast Guard for the control and monitoring of ship traffic and for the surveillance of the territorial waters of Kuwait.

The new CSS will be composed of n. 1 national site supported by n. 2 regional control centers and n. 12 remote sensor sites equipped with IALA Advanced Radar, EO / IR Cameras, AIS, VHF Base Station and, Weather Stations and a microwave radio link dedicated to data and voice communication.

Aster is in charge of supporting the Customer during the entire phase 2 of the CSS project with Systems Engineering services, technical assistance and work supervision, including:

  • Analysis and revision of the CSS system Phase 1
  • Stakeholder Analysis for the System upgrade
  • Design and implementation of the technical specification inserted as a technical attachment to the Tender for the CSS 2 phase system